Marine Carpet

There are many different styles and colours available for you to view in our showroom or at you boat.

Peninsula Marine Covers also make a whole range of custom made covers for all sorts of things on boats over time we have seen the damage the conditions have on pretty much everything from timber to upholstery.

So maybe consider covering those things you don’t want to replace of repaint down the track!

Over the last few seasons teak style carpets have become very popular with boat owners

Bound around the edges or glued in place this pattern naturally fits in with either plain or timber interiors and it really will add comfort and style to your boat

Hull liner is great way to cover walls and roofs. It is soft smooth and can hide many imperfections it is laid over.

Marine Carpet

Boat Carpet

If you’re looking for the best boat carpet Melbourne has to offer, you can count on the product range from Peninsula Marine Covers! Aside from selling high-grade boat canopies and clears, the quality of our boat carpet is second to none.

This isn’t the sort of carpet you’d find in any old living room; boat carpet is manufactured from a number of incredibly stable, durable synthetic fibres that resist UV fading in sunlight and weather deterioration. A brilliant solution for both outdoor and indoor applications for frequently wet areas, boat carpet is always cool under bare foot – even in the direct sunlight! With the ability to resist mild chemicals, all it takes to clean is detergent and fresh water.

Boat Carpet Melbourne

Our range of marine carpets come in many styles and colours. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that our carpets are of the highest possible quality for years and years of enduring service. Although our boat carpet requires little maintenance, steps should be taken every so often to ensure its long-lasting durability.

Boat Carpet Maintenance

Use a cleaning solution of warm water and any regular household detergent. Soak the carpeting for roughly five minutes. Follow with a thorough rinsing. If you have any stubborn stained areas, gently scrub and repeat the detergent cleaning procedure until the stains have been lifted.

So if you’re looking for top-quality boat carpet? Melbourne locals can call Peninsula Marine Covers today on (03) 59 77 33 99.